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In recent years, the exchange and concentration of commodity markets has become increasingly difficult and drastic. This has a huge impact on entrepreneurs, merchants and businesses all over the world. Especially during the recent COV19 pandemic, which has greatly affected their business situation, causing many businesses to go bankrupt. The main reason for this situation is that they depend too much on cash leading to inflation in the long run.
The use of stable money expands access to a stable currency to those who need it. The relative stability of the US dollar against the currencies of other countries is taken for granted. Of course, inflation gradually devalues ​​the dollar, but only mildly, if you take into account the situation in the developing world, where currencies can depreciate by 15% or more per year. Residents of such states are required to keep their savings in dollars, despite regulatory restrictions that may be imposed on any transactions in foreign currencies. An easily accessible digital decentralized tool with stable prices would be a great alternative for people living in countries with unstable currency systems and tight state capital controls.

The appearance of ccFOUND

ccFOUND is a smart marketplace that enables users to ask questions or provide information, analysis or other educational topics on which users can share and even benefit from information, knowledge and knowledge. Global market, therefore all information on this platform is available in several languages. ccFOUND translates all questions and answers into any other language for all users from all over the world to participate. But that’s not all, there are a couple of ccFOUND options.
Decentralized Platform: ccFOUND is a decentralized platform that returns power to users.
First Online Space: CcFOUND is the world’s first portal that lets in groups to change facts and on the equal time monetize traffic.
Rewards: CcFOUND will deliver rewards and recognition for each participation made through users, whether or not it interprets questions, answers, or others.
Market Research: CcFOUND became constructed through a crew of skilled specialists who’ve accomplished thorough studies available in the marketplace of ccFOUND and its competitors.

How Can You Use ccFOUND Token As Utility

  • Description and information : THe Issuer will put into effect its personal form of FOUND Coin — ccFOUND (symbol: “FOUND”), as a way to be created according with the ERC-20 standard. The ccFOUND Coin may be capable of be despatched securely and well treated in Binance Smart Chain — well matched pockets applications, inclusive of MetaMask. The Issuer reserves the proper to difficulty theFOUND Coin on some other blockchain community if it proves useful for this task and the Investors.
  • Quantity: The lssuer will problem a complete of two 000 000 000 FOUND Coins. The lssuer additionally reserves the proper to perform an extra problem at a later date to the quantity decided with the aid of using the network decision (DAO). The lssuer will keep away from this opportunity so as now no longer to boom the deliver of FOUND Coins. The opportunity may be found out if it’s far for the gain of the lnvestors.

The Future is About Wisdom

Maybe you often use platforms like Udemy, Quora, Wikipedia, or other educational platforms. But sometimes the information available or the questions we ask are not what we expected, so you have to look for other information on other platforms, and you do that continuously until you find the right information. This makes it difficult for us as users, because just to find some information we have to open several tabs or pages. Seeing this problem, ccFOUND is here to become a blockchain-based education portal that allows users to exchange information, knowledge, and wisdom. ccFOUND is launched for knowledge seekers and providers, who want a portal that allows them to ask questions, published responses, news, and analyses, publishing paid e-books, online courses, and many other things that users can do.

ccFOUND intends to become a multinational community that allows knowledge, information, and wisdom to be exchanged and monetized. So that users can not only share information, but they can also earn money from it.


FOUND Token is a native token launched by ccFOUND and will be a utility and reward token. FOUND token based on Binance BEP-20 with a total supply of 2,000,000,000 FOUND Coins. By owning a FOUND token, users will get several benefits such as users being able to participate in the ecosystem, investment, etc. Users can get FOUND tokens via a pre-sale program that will be organized by ccFOUND.

FOUND Coins distribution

In terms of the full number of issued FOUND Coins indicated in point 3.2, the process of this distribution will be divided into two segments, where same FOUND Coins will be transferred for traditional sale, while the other part will be allocated to current activities re lated to the lssuer’s operations and the development of the Platform itself.

Coin distribution

64.5% FOUND Coins for sale

  • 14.5% for private sale
  • 50% for public sale

35.5% Coins not for sale

  • 15.5% retained by the issuer
  • 20% is intended to buy the project from initial sponsor

Purpose of the distribution process

● 15% — Design

usability tests, UX/UI, improving the appearance, designing DAO processes, creating specifications and requirements for IT;

● 25% — IT

Platform development, employing programmers, code tests and audits, server maintenance;

● 10% — Legal

Legal, administrative and accounting costs;

● 10% — Editorial staff

Creating an editorial department, employing journalists, editors and presenters, building a video recording studio, creating content;

● 20% — Marketing & PR

Creating promotional materials, advertising and media;

● 20% — Reserve

Reserve capital for unforeseen expenses and a safety buffer;

ccFound Roadmap

Core Team

Piotr Michalak — CEO / FOUNDER

Daniel Jankowski — CO-FOUNDER

Karol Kiełtyka — PRODUCT OWNER




In the cryptocurrency market, according to the laws of natural evolution, there are larger players with huge resources behind them. They can seriously affect investor preferences. Their faith in cash today is scant. In the current situation, you can only count on active investments that affect the capitalization and size of companies. Gone are the days when a dollar account was a guarantee of the safety of money. After the crisis, if managed properly, every dollar invested in capitalizing and maintaining the company will at some point add up. Otherwise, the dollar will certainly depreciate. And due to the tempered reaction of most crypto market players to cash, we find that the services offered by serious companies are better and more diverse than those that can be found in fiat money world.


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