SAFEMOON CASH — The leading BEP-20 cryptocurrency project with Tokenomics: run and owned by its community.

Safemoon Cash depicts itself as, “a mat evidence, proprietorship disavowed, local area driven undertaking that is pointed toward carrying competition to Safemoon with some uplifting tone.” Safemoon Cash was covertness dispatched by individuals from the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) people group towards the finish of April 2021 after its more established partner, Safemoon, hit a market cap of more than 4,000,000 dollars simply a month after dispatch. Moreover, the responsibility for coin had been revoked by the designer at dispatch, henceforth the 100% local area driven status. The entirety of the Team Members genuinely found and put resources into the coin equivalent to some other Community Member would.

Safemoon Cash has pulled some promoting stunts, by implication, in spite of not having set any turn of events or showcasing reserves. It’s its vigorous local area that is fund-raising when they need to do advertising, which is promoting in itself. Safemoon Cash is drawing motivation from Bitcoin Cash, that arrived at an ATH of 0.25 Bitcoin. The token has defined an objective to do likewise with the cost of Safemoon, its more seasoned partner, meaning to reach 25% of the worth of its more established sibling.

We will be expanding worldwide effort and offering the whole world a chance to be essential for our excursion to 25% of Safemoon’s MC! We are persuaded our new and unmatched Marketing Structure will give Safemoon Cash an inconceivable lift on the excursion that lies in front of us of coming to 25% of Safemoon’s pinnacle market capitalisation. Our people group is the way in to our prosperity, and with this new construction, we can improve every one of these awesome drives from every one of you.

The Safemoon team will maximize our global reach and give the whole world the opportunity to be a part of our journey to 25% MC Safemoon!

As everyone knows, marketing has come a long way! The top encrypted TikTok, Youtube and Twitter influencers around the world run $SMC promotions every day.

And they are also supported by Playboy model Juicy J, platinum producer Young Troy and many other celebrities. They also launched great giveaways on Twitter, TikTok, and Youtube.

    Every Safemoon Cash transaction is subject to a 4% tax for the benefit of all.
    2% of all transactions (buy, sell and transfer) is distributed to all holders. You increase your Safemoon cash balance just by holding.
    Contracts were released and Safemoon Cash is a community owned project. Liquidity is also on fire at launch, so no mats to pull on.
    2% of each transaction is sent to the liquidity pool (automatically) to create an ever-increasing base price, which means greater stability.



  • SAFEMOON CASH SNACKS: Our community can now buy Safemoon Cash on PancakeSwap. More exchanges will be coming soon.
  • WEBSITE LAUNCH: is launched enabling more people to get information about the project.
  • AUDIT: Audit by Carpet Detective and Techrate.
  • EXCHANGE LIST: Probit, Hotbit and XT.


  • CHARITY PARTNERSHIPS: Giving back is important, so we will partner with charities to support those most in need.
  • LIST MORE EXCHANGES: We will start the listing process on 3 more exchanges to bring Safemoon Cash to more people around the world.
  • COMMUNITY MEETINGS: If ambitious regulations allow, we will organize community meetings in major cities.
    AMM CONTRACT LAUNCH: We are building the AMM (Automated Market Builder) protocol to provide utility and liquidity to the SMC ecosystem.
  • MERCH STORE EXPLANATION: Introduce and incorporate products from third party vendors to drive the SMC ecosystem and expand the reach of the SMC brand through promotions and/or exclusive rights to the SMC brand. SMC (G) as the currency payment method in our Merchandise Store for certain SMC brands and third party products.
    PAYMENT METHODS: Integration with online payment encryption services (i.e. MyCryptoCheckout).
    SMCG: SMCG (Safemoon Cash Bank) Product Cultivation Protocol. + SMCG governance token


  • SMCG Betting PROTOCOL: Introduction of the Safemoon Cash Betting Protocol, starting with the gaming industry Twitch and eSports using the SMC(G) token for competition prizes. The Twitch platform for AMA partnerships and Twitch gaming influencers.
  • EXPLORATION: Explore sports and sports partnerships to use SMC (G) tokens for betting.


  • CROSS-CHAIN ​​MIGRATION: DeFi is growing rapidly and the Binance Smart Chain blockchain with its cheap and fast transactions has taken the lead. However, other blockchains are also growing in popularity. Safemoon Cash will investigate and work to establish interoperability between chains, bringing our use cases to several other blockchains (eg Solana).
  • EXPANDATION: Further exploration and development of currency (Money) use cases for Safemoon Cash.

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